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Our goal: Be your trusted data partner so you can focus on your core business.

We understand Attractions, Tourism Agencies, and ‘Things To Do’ Businesses don’t always have their own data team. With limited manpower and resources, busy IT teams, and tight budgets, it can be hard to give data analysis the attention it needs. You probably see how data is changing the way the world does business, but not know how you can fit it in to your packed schedule. YOU. Group makes tourism data automated, actionable and easy.

How We Do It

The tourism industry as a whole, generally lags in terms of how data is used.

Therefore, we decided to be the first in Asia to provide actionable data insights for the Tour & Activity Industry. Our BA (Business Analytics) system aims to relieve your daily sales headaches at an affordable subscription price.

Unique trade insight tool specific to Things-To-Do

Extracted value from large amounts of data

Actionable reports & competitor benchmarks

Automated real-time monitoring of online activity products


Our story: Helping you find the insights we always wanted.

We know the daily efforts that come with - tracking prices, monitoring changing nationality preferences, understanding shifts in market demands, and ensuring all suppliers are getting a win-win deal while keeping product listings are ‘on brand’ - is no easy task.

As more and more data is generated online, such as persona and demographic, pricing and discount, website and social media performance, the digital transformation needed to keep up is overwhelming for this industry. Through our survey, we found that 98% of tour & activity businesses actually do not have the ability and technology to analyze big data and transform raw data into real travel insights.

What Makes You Unique?

YOU. wants to act as a Data Scientist for the Tours & Activity industry, we listen to your needs and walk with you side by side! Armed with high quality data and on-trend technology, our company began by studying historical data to discover trends, find patterns, and predict future business behaviour. We aim to equip travel businesses with powerful insights and intelligence that has the potential to change our future.

Our own high-quality data warehouse

Real-time, easy-to-use tool

Specialized in Asian destinations + only for Tours & Activities

Our Tourism Data Community

While we’re committed to becoming your data analysis team, we’re also creating a high-quality data community for the Tour & Activity Industry, so we all can learn and benefit from each other.

  • • Market transparency
  • • Inspiration from other Tourism Business Leaders
  • • Unbiased data sets objective benchmarks
  • • Big picture view
  • • Higher appeal of destinations when each attraction levels up further
  • • Collectively solve complex challenges by studying what others are doing

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