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Attractions are facing fierce competition to sell more admission tickets.

More importantly, an industry wide shift towards digital is happening simultaneously and poses the following challenges for attractions:

  • Poor Sales Performance
  • Adapting to the digitalization
  • Limited Access to Data

Case Study #1: Harnessing Sales Data to Increase Ticket Sales


A key player in Hong Kong’s Attraction Industry was dealing with erratic sales performance in some markets.

They were curious to understand:

1) Which products can motivate tourists of different nationalities to buy their tickets and what price range?
2) How to make trade partners profit from the product, and actively recommend the product to get more exposure on their platform and channels, driving more ticket sales


Come up with a data-driven strategy for both consumers & trade partners to streamline trade sales.


  • Analyze Travel Platform review data to detect tourist sentiment
  • Use data science to determine why tourists choose a competitor’s attraction over theirs
  • Understand benchmark data from their Destination & Attraction Categories for ROI Analytics
  • Predict next purchase peak through augmented analytics, allowing the attraction to prepare timely marketing actions
  • Track exposure data on different OTAs to enhance the deal for stronger promotion
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