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Tour & Activity businesses can use data to understand what’s happening in your market, destination, and OTAs (online sales agencies). More importantly, data can inspire product & pricing innovation and drive growth. Data is made useful and relevant though our Cloud-BI system. In order for your business to make informed decisions, let our tools help you answer important questions such as:

  • What’s been happening in the market and what’s likely to happen next?
  • Who’s benefiting? And who is behind?
  • Where to improve or what should be maintained?
  • What opportunity might I be missing?


Fierce competition

To sell more admission tickets

More importantly, an industry wide shift towards digital is happening simultaneously and poses the following challenges for attractions:

Poor Sales Performance

Adapting to Digitalization

Limited Access to Data


Case Study #1: Harnessing Sales Data to Increase Ticket Sales

When attractions are developing new products to increase ticket sales, they have 2 parties to consider: Clients (Trade partners) and Consumer (Travelers). In many cases, attractions are designing a business product for Clients (trade partners) to get more sales exposure and leads.

1. How much should you design for the consumer experience to balance with clients' demands?

2. Where to find the insights?

How can Attractions find the needs of “2C” (Clients & Consumers)?

Click here to see our Attraction Case Study of how YOU. GROUP helps attractions design for both “2Cs” (Clients & Consumers).

Tourism Board

Fierce competition

To influence travelers to choose their next destinations

As everything gradually shifts from offline to online, the amount of data becomes larger and more complex. In addition to air tickets and hotels, tours & activities are often the primary factors for travelers to choose a destination.

Big Data

How to extract useful business intelligence from the complex big data to promote Destinations?


Nielsen research found the average traveller spends 53 days visiting 28 different websites to plan and book a trip.

Promotional Analysis

How to measure the impact of trade promotions and level of competitiveness with the right metrics?


Case Study #2: Harnessing Travel Trade BI (Business Intelligence) to Attract More Inbound Tourists

Our automated YOUReport conducts in-depth analysis of various impact indicators of tours & activities on destinations and tracks the changes in the preferences of different source markets and target audiences to help Destination Marketers and Tourism Boards make strategic decisions.

We help you understand the impact of trade promotion, conduct competitiveness analysis, and provide real-time data.

How do Destinations make their promotions more efficient?

Click here to see our Tourism Board Case Study of how YOU. Group helps make promotional efforts of Destinations more efficient.

OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)

Fierce competition

To improve acquisition of users and enhance user experience

OTAs are undoubtedly at the forefront of harnessing data & employing business intelligence.

Customer behavior

Consumer Persona

Competitor Products


Case Study #3: How to Obtain Competitor's Data?

The establishment of Booking.com in 1996 opened up a new online booking experience for the hotel industry. The establishment of Tripadvisor in 2000 narrowed the gap between ``tours & activities`` and the aviation and hotel industries.

How do Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) better understand the increasingly fierce market environment and avoid product cannibalization?

We help OTAs better target customers, complement competitors' offerings, and bring an overall superior online ordering experience to travellers.

How to make OTA competitor tracking more efficient?

Click here to see our OTA Case Study of how YOU. GROUP helps OTA compliment their data with our business intelligence solutions.



To face an increasingly transparent market environment

Plus shrinking profit margins and digital transformation of the whole tourism industry— all these changes make agencies feel a little at a loss:

OTA Reach

Unable to match OTA's massive search engine ads, making it increasingly difficult to acquire customers

Limited Resources

Limited digital resources and data teams make agencies unable to keep up with travel trends in time

Hyper Competitive

The traditional operating model cannot adapt to the rapidly changing travel needs and diverse tourist preferences


Case Study #4: MICE & Luxury Travel Business

B2B and B2C data are both important for agencies to succeed so we first help narrow the scope to spot the most crucial data based on agencies' existing data and business conditions in order to help travel agencies save costs and resources, take quick actions, and seize opportunities.

We usually start with problems and guide travel agencies to list the challenges they are currently facing and the problems they hope to tackle.

Which data can help traditional travel agencies?

Click here to see our Agency Case Study of how YOU. GROUP helps traditional travel agencies seize business opportunities.

Other “Things to Do”


To establish the rules of the game and gain market share

Tours & Activities in destinations have become no longer just traditional attractions, especially after COVID-19, a variety of new experiences and combinations of activities have began to surface. Staycation, virtual online tours, glamping, etc., our simple and easy-to-read BI (Business intelligence) tool can help these new players face these challenges:

Suitable Offer

How to provide the most suitable offer to many different Trade partners

Monitor Prices

How to monitor the changing prices from different sources to protect own interests

Exclusive Offers

How to determine, measure, and evaluate exclusive offers to certain Trade partners


Case Study #5: 3 Crisis and Opportunities Hidden in the Price

New Tours & Activities are often sought after, but undoubtedly price has become the most painful issue.

The lack of a complete technology system and sufficient manpower has become the biggest obstacle to online price monitoring.

Due to the price parity issue, not only the brand has a certain impact, but in the long run, the profit of each sales channel will be squeezed, forming a price war, which directly affects the motivation and enthusiasm to promote the product, and may eventually lead to a serious decline in sales.

How to Monitor Online Prices?

Click here to see our Other Tours & Activities Case Study of how YOU. GROUP helps a workshop activity better monitor their prices and uncover hidden opportunities.

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