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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does YOU. Group get its data?


We have a network of highly qualified data resources and APIs, in addition to advanced public data extraction.

YOU. Group’s public data sources come from a robust, and sustainable tech platform, which in simple terms collects, stores, cleans, and finally extracts the most relevant data for your business.

We place an emphasis on the data of travel and tourism products as this is an often neglected area in the Tour & Activity sector. We track many international travel activity aggregator websites through an industry leading web scraping system & tools.

Our data science team also partners with trusted companies who complement and enhance the security, stability, and quality of our primary database.

Q: How do I know the data is objective and unbiased?

A: We are not sponsored or incentivized by any company which may create a conflict of interest.

Q: How is it possible for YOU. to know my competitor’s data?

A: We don’t do anything tricky to get data that we’re not allowed to see. What we are doing is investing time, knowledge and manpower to aggregate and analyze data from all market participants, including your competitors.

Q: How far back does historical data go?

A: When you subscribe to YOUReport you get access to data 1 month prior to your start date. Our database goes back much further than that, and we’re happy to discuss special requests that require an exception to this rule.

Q: How does YOU. know the data is accurate?

A: Our method monitors website changes, detects incomplete datasets, and fixes bugs. We continue to improve our data system through different technologies such as machine learning, and finally data is verified through both generic and method specific QA test frameworks.

Q: How often is your database updated?

A: Daily.

Q: Do you share my subscribed businesses data with other businesses?

A: At this time, the only private business data we collect is the information needed to fulfil our subscription agreement and set up YOUReport automation. We never share this data unless you have granted permission or explicitly asked us to do so on your behalf.

YOUReport customizations and the information you share with us in the process of setting up, maintaining and delivering YOUReport are confidential. We never disclose information regarding your subscription, your service options, or the conversations you have with our Team.

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