Tourist Attractions and ‘Things To Do’ Businesses around the world have been forced to drive sales from Local Markets.

Many were unprepared for the challenge.

Without data to understand which factors influence different markets, it’s hard to design preferred activities. Business Intelligence in the ‘Things To Do’ Industry can help you pivot faster, and stay ahead of the pack.

September was an eventful month for HK with COVID restrictions eased, attractions started to open and it ended with a much needed long weekend.

With international travel still on hold, ‘Things-To-Do’ businesses are all vying for the same domestic market. Having the right BI is an edge over the competition to navigate through the crisis and come out on top.

In this YOUReport teaser we show highlights of Activity Products listed on popular OTA – Klook.

In order to compare the different product categories under a unified metric, we set a standard ‘YOUR DYNAMIC SCORE’ computed by a comprehensive analysis of:

  • Sales Change
  • Promotion Activity
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Ratings
  • Other Relevant Indicators

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