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OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)

With the continuous increase in the number of OTAs, market competition has become fierce. Accurate data application can make OTA better acquire more users and improve a good online experience.

OTA is undoubtedly at the forefront of harnessing the data science & business intelligence.

  • Customer behavior
  • Consumer persona
  • Competitor products

Case Study: OTA Trend Analytics


One of Asia’s leading OTAs wants to understand the differences in competitors’

  • User personas
  • Price strategy
  • Product development efforts in each city/destination
  • Popular product performance on competitors’ website

After mastering this information, they can make an informed decision to formulate product development strategies and reduce loss due to possible internal product cannibalization.


Use YOU. Group’s unique product & persona data to assess changing trends and product strategies of the OTA Industry.


• Provide routine data change reports with price sensitivity and discount analysis

• Aggregate profile persona and review data to provide comprehensive user sentiment

• Customer Segmentation, Behavioral Analysis & Clustering

• Scatter plots showing the relationship between total numbers and popularity of product to extract product strategy insight

• Product exposure & campaign analysis

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