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Real-time Dashboard

Change, risk, and opportunity usually happen at the same time, but they’re all fleeting— real-time data can show you all three at once.

  • Minimal setup
  • Low learning curve
  • Real-time results
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Choose the right OTA.

Design the right Product.

Target the right Market.

Sell it at the right Price.


Competitor Benchmarking. Popularity Gauge. Promotional Analysis.


Competitor Benchmarking

YOU. helps you find the answer from our integrated datasets and stay competitive through fast action. We analyze market players that have the closest competitive relationship with you and display the entire Business Intelligence landscape in a timely manner, allowing you to have an apples to apples comparison with the external world and right competitors at any time.

Today, the biggest obstacle for Tours & Activities businesses is that they are not able to measure:

  • 'Who are my competitors?'
  • 'How can I find the same key performance index to compare with others?'
  • 'Which activity will tourists consider & compare with my attraction?'

Popularity Gauge

Is your product popular? In which Source Market? Who else is more popular than you? Why?

In addition to traditional demographics and online customer behavior, we combine different nationalities' persona with product data to bring richer insights. We understand what's the hidden problem and uncover the opportunity to become more popular through data analysis. We inspire you with real-time insights for you to convert into immediate action.


Promotional Analysis

Our data not only helps you analyze the reasons, but more importantly, provides insights to inspire your next actions, broaden your business horizons, and effectively manage the input and output of promotion.

  • What channels and methods are you using for promotions?
  • Are price cuts and discounts always effective?
  • Wondering why certain product promotions haven't put in a reasonable return?


Targeting the right tourist market requires getting your Activity Products in front of the right audience.


OTA (Online Travel Agency)

While there are many ways to evaluate what tourists want, if you’re not capitalizing on the efforts of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) you may be underestimating the value they can bring to your sales efforts.

Partnering with the right OTAs can bring your destination or Tours & Activities Business the attention and consumer insight you need.


Tourist Source Market

In 2020, staycations emerged as a popular trend in Hong Kong. Japanese consumers show growing interest in virtual online experiences. Taiwanese travelers have fallen in love with short-distance escapes and air transport souvenirs. Different source markets have different preferences, at different times, but they are constantly changing.

YOU. Group can help you track source market preferences, make the correct market strategy, and design products that are popular tourist markets based on data and business intelligence, helping you avoid missed opportunities.



Our unique region and product category index allows you to observe where people like to go and what type of activities they like to do in those places.

Through this, you can see a wholistic view of a traveler's preference, enabling you to spot opportunities and potential partners from these locations.



Customer Preference. Sales and Marketing. ROI.


Customer Preference

70% of travelers have used an OTA when looking for travel inspiration and trust reviews on the OTA platforms. Nielsen research found that the average traveller spends 53 days visiting 28 different websites over a period of 76 online sessions in order to plan and book a trip.

YOU. GROUP’s unique OTA persona and sentiment data analysis can help you understand the customer behaviours and trends on these OTA platforms, better target users, and thus curate the best tourist experience.


Sales & Marketing

While the roles of Sales & Marketing teams are often separated, using integrated data methods can analyze their effect on one another. This helps reunite your efforts for stronger results.

Tours & Activities need a comprehensive set of ‘trade data tools’ and should not only rely on consumer data tools for Marketing & Promotion. By adding Channel & Product insight, sales and marketing can, together, run the marathon.



We interviewed hundreds of industry representatives and many brought up problems quantifying ROI. Actually, they don’t even have any data to prove their business strategy. YOU. is here to support.

After COVID, ``digital agility`` tops the list of areas of importance for companies. “More innovative offerings” and “more informed strategic planning” also ranked high. Asia’s tourism industry will need to be more concentrated on the application of BI (Business Intelligence) to better prepare for the next crisis.

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