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Hong Kong Activities Driving Local Tourism

Tourist Attractions and ‘Things To Do’ Businesses around the world have been forced to drive sales from Local Markets. Many were unprepared for the challenge.

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Chinese Outbound Travel — Ctrip’s Post-COVID Changing Product Trends

No one knows what the future holds, but our data suggests the strategical actions of this prominent OTA’s product distribution may be worth paying attention to.

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Where is Ctrip Headed Next?

Product trends change fast. What data are you tracking to win? 產品趨勢變化迅速. 此時,您正在為勝利追踪哪些數據?

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Stretching our ‘sales legs’

Standing on two legs is only the first step towards success, but standing is not enough to make us sufficiently competitive. Humans run faster by freeing their hands, using better tools, activating the brain, and creating miracles that change the world!

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2 Legs, 1 Business

Understanding why we fail to unite the function of “sales” and “marketing” will also help answer many basic questions about companies’ business performance & competitiveness.

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