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It has become more and more difficult to influence travelers to choose their next destinations. As everything gradually shifts from offline to online, the amount of data becomes larger and more complex.

In addition to air tickets and hotels, tours & activities are often the primary factors for travelers to choose a destination.

Case Study: Travel Trade Business Intelligence


A popular tourist destination in South East Asia is seeking a more effective promotion strategy, while looking to collaborate with local tour & activity businesses.

They were curious to understand:

  • What travel platform data can complement their existing consumer data?
  • Which other destinations in Asia are getting better results in terms of promotion and how are they succeeding?
  • Attractiveness of different local attractions to consumers from various nationalities


Come up with a data-driven strategy for both destination trade promotion and local tours & activities performance analysis


  • Analyze travel trade and travel platforms’ historical data to find out the promotion status of destinations in different source markets
  • Based on the the current situation, find other destinations with similar competitiveness, and conduct benchmarking data analysis
  • From the perspective of tourism activities and products, analyze specific interests of tourists in the destination to understand advantages and plan for differentiated promotion per source markets
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