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Whether you are a travel agency or an event planner, facing an increasingly transparent market environment, the shrinking profit margins, and digital transformation of the whole tourism industry.

All these changes make agencies feel a little at a loss:

  • Unable to match OTA massive search engine advertising, making increasingly difficult for travel agencies to acquire users to sustain their business.
  • Limited digital resources and data teams make agencies unable to keep up with travel trends in time
  • The traditional operating model cannot adapt to the diverse travel preferences and the rapidly changing travel needs, making agencies gradually lose their competitiveness

Case Study: MICE & Luxury Travel Business


We received an inquiry from an agency engaged in MICE & Private Travel business to Australia.

They’re interested in knowing how to use data to help improve future business and customer satisfaction.

As usual, we start with the client’s problem. After a briefing of our past insight reports, the first question the client asked was:

“What kind of data analysis can YOU. GROUP provide to help better analyze the destination we promote: Australia?”


Use Month Over Month popularity change data from different source markets to understand destination demand by different tourist nationalities.

Before preparing a solution, data scientists at YOU. Group analyzed the characteristics of ‘MICE & Luxury Travel Business’ from a broader conversation about the business needs presented by the client.

  • MICE : high requirements on a destinations’ ability to accommodate logistics and budgets
  • Luxury Travel : highly focused on superior experience
  • Australia : Dynamic destination with tourist cities of varying category types


  • Monitoring destination data changes,

    understanding travel trends after the epidemic, and planning in advance for cost- effective experiences suitable to MICE destinations

  • Attention to data changes for different cities in Australia, choosing to design packages for preferred destinations based on nationality data
  • City popularity analysis in order to submit competitive travel proposals
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